Panchaloha Idol of Lalita Tripurasundari


Tripura Sundari or Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari is a Hindu goddess and one of the ten Mahavidyas or ShivasakthiShe is the Shakti/consort of Sadasiva, the Prakriti to his Purusha.

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Deity Lalita Tripurasundari
Height 13 cms
Width at base 8 cms
Weight 435 grams
Main material Panchaloha
Purpose Worship

Lalita manifests as Goddess Sati, Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga, Goddess Mahakali and all their incarnations, as showcased in Shakta literature. Lalita Tripura Sundari Devi is considered to be the most potent incarnation of Adi Parashakti or simply Her saguna roopa. She, along with Sadasiva is responsible for the Pancha-Krityas – Sristi or creation, Sthithi or protection, Samhara or destruction, Thirodhana or concealment of the world in Maya and Anugraha or final liberation . She is best known as the Devi glorified in the Lalita Sahasranama and as the subject of the Lalitopakhyanam (story of the goddess Lalita) in Hinduism.

The Panchaloha is traditionally described as an alloy of gold, silver, copper, zinc and iron as the major constituents.

It is widely believed that Panchaloha idols or statues made of such an alloy brings balance in life, self-confidence, good health, fortune, prosperity, and peace of mind.


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