Learn all about the Chakras – mystical energy centers that are integral to the ancient Indian traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda.The book delves into concepts such as Sankhya, Yoga philosophies and the Karma doctrine in order to establish the context of how the Chakra energies work.


The Chakras are inner portals of harmony, linking the physical and spiritual planes, offering a deep and time-tested formula for transformation, abundance and the ability to hack into one’s own power of manifestation.This book equips you – using simple, everyday language – to harness the potential of the tremendous internal energy pools that lie dormant in the body and help you channelize it and act upon your life purpose by presenting Chakras as a tool for self-development.

The author has kept in mind the sensibilities of the modern spiritual seeker and their needs and interests, presenting the information in a non-dogmatic and practical manner, thereby allowing everyone an opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of the awakening the Chakra energies.


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